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I translated the rules of the classic Swedish board game in order to send a copy to nephews in the States.  Here are the rules, for anyone who needs them:

Den Försvunna Diamanten (The Lost Diamond)

Game rules:

Find the missing diamond –– the Star of Africa –– by searching the continent by land, sea, and air.  Find the diamond and return it to Cairo or Tangiers to win –– unless somebody else finds a visa after you find the diamond, and gets there first!


1 Make sure there’s only one star.

2 Put all the markers face-down, so nobody can see what they are.  Mix them up and set one on each red dot on the map.

3 Choose a banker.  Pass out 5,000 dollars each.

4 Choose your tokens and place them to start either on Cairo or Tangiers.

5 The highest roll starts; continue clockwise from that person.  As soon as you flip over a marker, you have to do what it says (more about this later).  Afterwards, it’s the next player’s turn.

6 You don’t have to flip over a marker.  If you choose not to, your turn is over and the next player may take their turn.  On your next turn, you may as usual pay 1,000 dollars to flip it over, or roll a 4,5 or 6 to flip it over.  OR you may move on without flipping it over.

Moving your token:

On  eac turn, you may move your token by land, sea or air; or stay on a red dot to flip a marker.  If you move, you have to first say how you will move (land, sea or air).

Moving by land:

1 Roads are shown as light-green lines and dots.  Moving by land is free; just roll the die.

2 Move the number of steps the die show.  You many however stop early on a red dot.

3 If you stop on a red dot without a marker, nothing happens and your turn is over.

4 If you stop on a red dot with a marker, you may immediately pay 1,000 dollars to the bak to flip it over.  Or you may roll the die; if you roll a 4,5 or 6, you may flip it over for free.

Moving by air:

1 Air routes are marked out by airplane symbols and lines between squares.  To fly, you must pay 3,000 dollars to the bank; you then fly directly to your detination without rolling the die.

2 If there is no marker at your destination, nothing happens and your turn is over.

3 If you land on a marker, it’s the same as landing on a marker on land (4-6 above).

4 Airline tickets are only good from one square to the next; for instance you can’t fly from directly from Sierra Leone to Cape Town, you have to stop and buy a new ticket in St. Helena.

What the markers mean:

Blank: nothing happens.  Give it to the bank.

Emerald: Sell it to the bank immediately for 4,000 dollars (8,000 on the Gold Coast/Guldkusten)

Bandit: Opps, give all your money (and the marker) to the bank.  If you don’t have any money, just give the marker to the bank.  If you meet a bandit on an island, skip a turn and take the boat for free next time (as a stowaway, or washing dishes).

Visum: If The Star of Africa is still hidden, give it back to the bank.  If somebody else has found the diamond, hurry immediately to Cairo or Tangiers to try to get there first and win the game.

The Star of Africa: The most important marker.  Keep it, and hurry back to Cairo or Tangiers to win the game.

Places with special rules:

Kapstaden (Cape Town): First one there gets 5,000 from the bank.

Guldkusten (The Gold Coast): FInd a gem here and earn double the dollars.

Slavkusten (The Slave Coast): Fins a blank marker here and skip a turn.  All other markers are the same as normal.

St. Helena: Pirates lurk on either side of the island.  Land on a blue dot with a black circle around it, and you’re stuck until you roll a 1 or 2.

Sahara: Land on a blue dot with a black circle around it, and you’ve been attacked by Bedouins.  You’re stuck until you roll a 1 or 2.

Other rules:

Two or more players may stand on the same dot or square.  If you land on a spot with a marker and onother player is already there, you may flip it over according to the rules above.  Only the one who flips it over does what it says.

Who wins?

Whoever finds the Star of Africa and returns it to Cairo or Tangiers wins –– unless somebody else finds a visum after you’ve found the star, and gets to Cairo or Tangiers first.