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The weekend of the 9th-10th of May I’ll be teaching a two-day short story workshop at Skrivarakademin in Stockholm.  There are a few spots left for anyone interested –– follow the link to sign up.

During the past few years I’ve been writing and publishing a lot of short stories with Natur och Kultur, Myrios novellförlag, X Publishing and even Haninge Kommun’s department of Kultur och fritid (they commissioned a story from me a for a catalogue of the county’s public artworks).  Short stories are, in my experience, often written for particular purposes or occasions –– they are seldom the sole text in a publication, and therefore they have to relate to the goals of the publication as a whole.  I’ll be working with workshop participants on writing stories for various purposes and markets, including selling stories and working with editors who don’t quite know what they want.  We’ll work on various sellable structures and try our hands at writing effective intros and conclusions.

Hope to see you there.