I’m mostly known for my fiction and non-fiction work with the Echo and Wings English textbooks for the Swedish middle- and high-school markets, as well as my book on how to teach writing Creative Writing – a Classroom Guide (2019) all published by Natur och Kultur.

I’m also the author of the bi-lingual novel Numera negerkung (King of the Cannibals) (Kabusa 2009), written in Swedish and English.  The novel won the dubious honor of being booted out of the Swedish national literary competition (Augustpriset) for not being Swedish enough.

I was born in Akron, Ohio 1971.  During the 1980s and 1990s I wrote for the Akron Beacon Journal and Cleveland Plain Dealer, then worked as an artist and teacher in Philadelphia.  I also wrote a few autobiographical stories for School Arts Magazine.  I earned masters degrees in Education and English Literature from the University of Stockholm, and my research work can be found in the archives of Kungliga Biblioteket, the Royal Library of Sweden.  In 2009 I was one of the three founders of Debutantbloggen.se, still a popular Swedish blog which discusses issues concerning first-time authors.  Our seminar at the Book Fair in Gothenburg that year was moderated by literature guru Jessica Gedin.

In 2012 I had two short stories published in the collective story cycle Avståndet mellan (X Publishing) which I initiated and helped structure.  The book brought together 24 authors from Sweden, Norway and the States, including Gunnar Ardelius, Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Anthony Grooms. In the fall of 2012 I moderated and participated in a seminar at the Gothenburg Book Fair on the project together with other co-authors Jenny Jägerfeld and Anneli Jordahl.

In the fall of 2012 my short story ”Eleven” was published by Myrios novellförlag; and in 2013 I published a collection of stories and other texts in the form of a high school English textbook with Natur och Kultur, called Echo 5: Main Issues. The second book in the series is also out: Echo 6: Main Issues. I’m also the main author of the Wings-series for middles school students, for which I wrote dozens of short pieces of fiction and non-fiction.

In addition to my writing, I teach Creative Writing and Narrative Theory  and Creative Writing and Narrative Theory II in English at Skrivarakademin, Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm, Sweden.  I also travel the country giving lectures on how to teach writing at schools and conferences, and I’m a member of both the Swedish Authors’ Guild and the Swedish textbook-authors’ guild SLFF.

Interested in having your manuscript read and commented on?  I occasionally do this type of work through Skrivarakademin, when time allows.



E-mail: kfrato@yahoo.com

foto: Ola Kjelbye

foto: Ola Kjelbye

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I also have a Masters of English Literature and a Masters of Education from the University of Stockholm, and some of my theoretical work can be read at the Royal Library of Sweden:

1. Child-death and suffering in children’s fantasy: from Water babies to Unearthers / Kevin Frato

2. The developmental-play function of young adult fiction as seen through ‘Phantastes’, ‘The water babies’, ‘The chronicles of Narnia’ and ‘This is all’ / Kevin Frato