My writing students have been asking for this course for years, so of course I’ve been careful to avoid offering it.  What more can I possibly teach, after ten intense weeks in the intro course?

But through teaching the course Prosa (Prose Writing) at Skrivarakademin’s Skrivarlinje, and publishing my recent book Creative Writing – a Classroom Guide, I’ve realized I do have a few more things to teach.  And if I’m clever, I can squeeze six more evenings of teaching into an already busy schedule.

So this spring, in addition to Creative Writing and Narrative Theory (which I’ve taught every term since 2012, and which last term had a waiting list) I’ll also be teaching Creative Writing and Narrative Theory II, which will go into greater detail and involve more challenging concepts and skills than the intro course.

Creative Writing and Narrative Theory will meet on ten Thursdays from 6-9:15 pm, starting March 5th.  The advanced course will meet six times, every other Wednesday, starting February 19th.  Participants often continue meeting after the end of these course, and several groups have later cooperated to write and co-publish story cycles.

Please contact me with any questions you might have.