On February 6th, 2018 I’ll be speaking at a Skolforum conference for English teachers at Näringslivets Hus in Stockholm.

My focus will be on non-traditional, more practical and enjoyable ways of teaching writing (which has also been the focus of my recent workshops for teachers through Natur och Kultur Publishers).

Due to its structural and linguistic complexity, creative writing is far more complex and demanding than non-fiction –– though unfortunately many teachers think this makes it both impossible and irresponsible to work with.  The truth is, though, that learning to write fiction is even more important than learning to write essays.  Through writing creatively, we lay the foundation for the future, not just mirroring the world but re-inventing it –– even though it may take generations for the world to catch up.

Hope to see you at Skolforum on the 6th of February.