Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith, best known for his Botswana novels about The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, at The Junior Academy music school in Stockholm, Sweden, where McCall Smith was on tour with his Really Terribly Orchestra.


I was familiar with McCall Smith’s Akimbo-books, which I’ve read to my kids, but as I prepared to conduct the two-hour interview and Q&A session,  I understood his authorship is far more complex.  McCall Smith has written more than a hundred works of fiction, librettos and scholarly titles – including multiple series and many stand-alone works.

He divulged a great deal of interesting information about his writing process, including the fact that for his Botswana books (The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency series) the titles and covers are often set long before he’s finished writing, which can lead to awkward situations. He said he writes five books a year, with only a vague outline in his mind when he starts, and often works right up to the deadline.