The other day I unexpectedly received a padded envelope from my publisher.  I could feel there was a book in it, but I didn’t know which one, or why.  Last spring when an author named Lena Andersson won the Swedish August prize, I received a copy of her book in the mail, compliments of our publisher.  Was this book one of those?  Or something my publisher wanted me to read?  That has happened.

I didn’t think it could be any of the books I’d written – or helped written – because the latest ones were still in production.  Besides, when my books are published, I generally get a package slip and have to go pick up a box of them at the grocery store, specifically from the gambling kiosk near the entrance which these days doubles as a post office.

But this book turned out to be something different: the second printing of my first textbook Echo 5 Main Issues – for which I wrote fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, and an extended poem for.  When I signed on to write the book, my editor mentioned the possibility of it being reprinted.  But already, after only just over a year?  Apparently yes.

At the moment I’m working on three other projects with the same publisher, (as well as another project for myself) and there are always moments in the middle of every manuscript when it seems like it will never be publishable.  This was a pleasant surprise, a reassurance that I’ve been through this before, and that hard work does pay off.